GRUPONAUTICA OUTSOURCING provides both the technical and the human means that your business requires to cover its needs, and we can extend or reduce our performance or resource framework, thus giving us the flexibility required to make its growth and expansion more dynamic.

Let us manage your business process. Leave your auxiliary activities in our hands, and we shall provide you with great added value, thus enabling you to increase your productivity and allowing your company to focus on its main objective and, therefore, increase its competitiveness and success.

All our departments are carefully managed and staffed by skilled personnel.

  • Specialists in HRs: We select the ideal personnel for each service.
  • Coordination Department: Schedules, suppliers, supervision and follow ups of events/services, incident coverage... we visit you in person to resolve all types of incidents and care for the quality of our service, in addition to having an Administration Department that specialises in the work area: Contracts, salaries, consultations, etc.
  • Work-related risk prevention area.
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