Specialised swimming pool maintenance

With over 18 years’ experience in this sector, our swimming pool maintenance and repair service in Madrid has all that is needed to carry out work and repairs on any type of swimming pool, in addition to guaranteed quality maintenance at all times as regards water quality, chemical treatments, qualified lifeguards, damage repair, preparation of facilities for winter, insurance management, licences… and all that you need.

Expert Supervision

Supervision by
an expert

Supply, Replacement and Installation

Supply of
plant elements

Water Maintenance Products

Supply of water maintenance products

Water Treatment

Maintenance of saline
electrolysis chlorine generators

Work and repair on swimming pools

A group of professionals comprising plumbers, builders, electricians and formwork for any type of repair as regards the pool and its surroundings (dressing rooms, gardens…), who work in close collaboration with the Madrid swimming pool repair and maintenance service.

  • Works and repairs department comprising personnel qualified to deal with any damage or to carry out work on the pool.
  • Repair of leaks (internal leakages).
  • Pool restoration (fibreglass, reinforced sheets).
  • Restoration and replacement of tiles and glue cement.
  • Repair or replacement of skimmers, filters, purifiers...
  • Replacement and installation of all kinds of swimming pool accessories.
  • Acclimatisation of swimming pools (installation of coverings, heat pumps, solar panels, thermal blankets, etc.).
  • Installation of SPAS, hydro-massage equipment, counter-current swimming pools...
Lifesaving Courses

Lifeguards and lifesaving courses

Our lifeguards make all the difference in this sector. Their commitment, attitude and behaviour in the workplace will lead to tranquillity and confidence. We train them to complement our Madrid swimming pool maintenance and repair service personnel and to work in a team with them in order to guarantee maximum quality.

A wide array of substitute staff is also available.

We have our own training centre (www.escuelasocorrismo.com) at which we periodically carry out training courses in order to train professional lifeguards, who will obtain the official qualification ofLifeguard for Swimming Pools and Aquatic Facilities, which is based on the contents established in the Community of Madrid Health Council ORDER 1319/2006, of the 27th of June, 2006.

We also carry out biannual refresher courses, which lifeguards require to update their licences

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