Comprehensive Management

We at GRUPONAUTICA OUTSOURCING provide a high degree of autonomy when taking charge of the comprehensive management of Sports Facilities.

GRUPONAUTICA OUTSOURCING is the leader in the management of sports facilities in Madrid as regards sports, cultural and leisure centres.

An external contracting service that has at its disposal professionals in the area of clubs, sports complexes, golf courses, … in order to ensure that the management of your sports facility is a complete success.

The customer can pass us the responsibility of contracting services or taking charge of the comprehensive management of Sports Facilities as regards designing the pertinent sports training programmes.

In this case, our services are organised into the following areas:

Sports activity monitors

Technical programmes and personnel, sports activity monitors, tennis, golf, swimming

Customer Service

Customer services,
entrance control


Image and

Facility maintenance

Basic or specialised
comprehensive facility maintenance.

Cleaning Services


Physiotherapy and Beauty

Management of
Physiotherapy and Beauty Treatment personnel



Restaurant and coffee

Café and
Restaurant personnel

Gardening and Maintenance

Maintenance of garden areas

Medical Assistance

Medical services,

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